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At The Firm Medspa we believe in offering only the most advanced aesthetic technologies. Our passion lies in surpassing the ordinary to customize treatments that strike the ideal balance of effectiveness and safety. In addition to our cutting-edge medical devices, our customer service, welcoming atmosphere, and results-driven objectives offer other compelling factors that make us your ideal choice. With our wide range of aesthetic treatments, we are confident in our ability to customize a plan to achieve your desired outcomes.


In a world perpetually chasing the latest fads, we're here to transcend the trends. We are dedicated and passionate about exceeding the commonplace. At The Firm Medspa, our focus is on making a genuine, trustworthy difference.

We don't merely conform to the crowd; we set trends, advocating the potential of technology over surgery and the remarkable outcomes of natural energy. Our mission isn't to mold you into a standard; we're here to honor your unique beauty. We create a space for incredible transformations that inspire renewed confidence.



Take a peek at Kate Hudson, the Alma ambassador and personal recipient of Alma technologies.

Our Alma devices include:

Opus Plasma:

  • Combines radio frequency technology with microplasma to set the new gold standard in skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and scar treatment

Harmony XL Pro:

  • Super Laser Hair Removal
  • ClearLift
  • Tatoo Removal
  • Pigment & Redness Reduction
  • NIR Body Skin Tightening


BTL Medical Technology has been at the forefront of innovation and production in the aesthetic medicine industry since 1993. This technology enables us to provide cutting-edge non-invasive solutions for body shaping and skin tightening, the most rapidly expanding segment in medicine today.

Our BTL devices:

    A non-surgical procedure that combines radio frequency heating and HiFEM technology for an average of 30% reduction in fat and a 25% increase of muscle, See what celebrities are saying about EMSCULPT NEO.
    EMFACE is the first procedure that utilizes a patented blend of Synchronized Radiofrequency to heat the dermis and promote collagen production, and HIFESTM for facial muscle stimulation. This leads to a reduction in wrinkles and a natural lift without the need for needles. Plus, EMFACE can treat the entire face in just 20 minutes.


In contrast to other options, STORZ MEDICAL stands out as the foremost market leader, synonymous with precision and excellence. Their unparalleled research, top-tier devices, and groundbreaking technologies, combined with their well-established reputation, establish them as world-renowned experts in the realm of shockwave.

Our STORZ Medical devices:

  • Sockwave
    Shockwave therapy can provide valuable assistance to injured joints by kickstarting the body's capacity to regenerate new tissue. It also alleviates pain by directly stimulating nerves at the injury site. Contrary to its name, the treatment is often likened to a therapeutic massage, causing minimal discomfort for the majority of individuals.


Our spa services include:

  • Facials
  • Chemical Peels
  • Exosomes
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Waxing
  • Brow tinting


  • Reputation: Check Out our Google Reviews. They speak for themselves.
  • Equipment: We carry the most advanced technology.
  • Service Options: We have treatments to meet every budget.
  • Experience: Providers have multiple licenses and years of expertise.
  • Atmosphere: Our Spa environment has been described as one of the most bright and aesthetically pleasing in the area.
  • Products: We offer a selection of five medical-grade product lines, carefully chosen for their outstanding performance!
  • Medical: We work under the direction of Dr. Hasan of Beauty Blade Plastic Surgery and take your medical history, health conditions, and HIPPA seriously.
  • Hygiene: We maintain stringent guidelines for professional cleanliness and sanitation as absolutely crucial.
  • Price: When selecting a medical salon or spa, don't make your decision solely based on price. Laser technology can vary significantly. Choosing a spa based solely on affordability may suggest the use of inferior technology or lack of experience, potentially leading to outcomes that fall short of your expectations. On the other hand, choosing a spa solely because it's expensive can lead to high expectations, with larger chains often focusing on volume rather than your individual experience, potentially resulting in overcharging. At The Firm Medspa, we prioritize quality service, advanced technology, customer satisfaction, and we believe in offering reasonable prices.


We curate a line of award winning professional products:

  • Alastin
  • Truth Treatments
  • Environ
  • Jan Marini
  • Epicuren