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Get a confidence-boosting glow in your complexion with facials in Lone Tree, CO.

Maintenance is the key to aging well

There are multiple benefits to regular facials, both internally and externally. The Firm Medspa recommends keeping up with facial appointments every four to six weeks in order to sync the appointments with the life cycle of your skin cells. Skin cell have a life cycle of approximately 28 days. As such, this periodicity of four to six weeks allows each appointment to address different layers of skin. Doing so is vital because to treat whatever conditions may be afflicting you, it is necessary to reach the deepest layers of skin where issues may be originating.

Regular facial appointments also work as a regular checkup for your skin. It is extremely beneficial to have an expert, outside perspective, when tracking your skin’s progress and being able to provide additional input. Progress may be lost when you look at your skin under the same conditions every day. The expert outside perspective will help identify progress and help you get the education you need to understand and manage everything that happens with your skin.  

Facial of the Month

With many fantastic products in our arsenal of skincare, we offer exciting new facials each month at a promotional price.

Clarifying Facial

This Facial provides multiple extensive benefits, including reduction of excess oils on the skin, acne removal, restoration from inflammation, bacterial flora control on the face, and so much more. Epicuren® acne treatments utilize a rich combo of salicylic acid, sulfur, propolis, and probiotics, in place of traditional methods to achieve a more vibrant skin appearance. This Facial also exhibits friendlier effects when supplemented by suitable homecare or applied in a series.

Epicuren® Signature Facial

Signature Facial from Epicuren provides encouraging and unparalleled outcomes after several treatment sessions. It contains proteins and B-complex vitamins, which are valuable to skin health. Many use cases suggest that the application of this product on the skin significantly improves skin texture and tone. Also, a rich blend of the advanced stimulating peel and the skin-tightening peel has been shown to have an astonishing impact on skin appearance.

Brighten Up Facial Treatment

The Brighten up Facial Treatment is a fine blend of Vitamin C (in its 3 stable forms), antioxidants, and green tea. It has several benefits, including a decrease in hyperpigmentation, improvement of skin tone, and the restoration of a youthful appearance.

All is Calm-For Sensitive Skin Types

AIC (All is Calm) is a lush combination of seaweed, fruit enzymes, aloe vera, and weak acid for treating hypersensitive skin. These organic materials revitalize the skin and improve skin texture and tone.

Teen Clarifying Facial

Teen Clarifying Facial is specially made for adolescents. It has several benefits, such as the removal of excess skin oils, regulation of bacterial flora on the face, acne removal, and inflammation control. Epicuren® Discovery is a rich combination of propolis, salicylic acid, sulfur, and probiotics. The effects of this facial are augmented when treatment with this product is done multiple times or accompanied by an appropriate homecare product.

As well as several other facial options and Microdermabrasion.