shockwave Therapy
‍‍‍‍‍‍Lone Tree, CO

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, regenerative treatment that targets painful joints and muscles and effectively alleviates pain and restores mobility.

A Solution for Painful Joints, Post Trauma Healing, & Muscle Tension

How it works:

Our meticulous staff operates our Storz Medical mechanical device to massage trigger points and affected areas. This device emits acoustic pressure wave energy deep into tissues, typically not reached with other modalities. These vibrations are often compared to a feeling of a deep massage. Though most don't describe it as painful, the body recognizes it as injury and initiates a host of defenses that ultimately repair the tissues. Each treatment area is as short as six minutes.

Results in as little as a month

85% of our clients notice an improvement in mobility and pain reduction after the first treatment. However, in order to achieve the full benefits and reparative response, a series of one treatment for six weeks is recommended. With the brevity of the treatment time, therapy can be conducted easily over the lunch hour.

Medical effects:

The pressure produced in the tissues cause a variety of biological reactions. This confuses inflamed and problematic areas and triggers the body to heal itself.  The effects include accelerated repair, cell growth, pain relief, and mobility restoration.

  • Stops Inflammation
  • Forms New Blood Vessels
  • Produces Collagen
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Releases Trigger Points
  • Eliminates Pain


Back and Neck- chronic muscular pain

Elbow – tennis and golfers’ elbow

Hands- arthritis, Dupuytren's contracture, & injuries

Feet – Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar fasciitis

Hip – bursitis, sciatic nerve injury, inflammation

Knees – arthritis, tendonitis, muscles & connective tissue injuries

Hamstring Muscles

Shoulders – calcific tendinosis of rotator cuff issues

Sprained ankle

TMD- Temporomandibular disorders

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When should you not receive shockwave:

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have a blood clotting disorder (including thrombosis)
  • If you are taking oral anti-coagulants (stop 5 days prior to procedure)
  • If you have received a Steroid injection within 6 weeks
  • If you have a Pacemaker fitted
  • If tumours are present at the treatment site