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This Month's Specials
Starting January 30, 2024, the first 5 people to purchase the EMFACE 4-treatment series will receive $500 off.
It’s the first and only device of its kind!!! It’s really exciting to announce this!!!

Sculpted Elegance: Redefine Your Neck and Profile with Our Effortless Solution.

Introducing a Revolutionary Makeover to Bid Farewell to the Turkey Neck and Welcome a More Refined You!

Meet EMFACE Submentum, a groundbreaking non-surgical device designed to diminish double chins. This revolutionary and cutting-edge technique reduces double chin fat while simultaneously toning the muscle, completely free of pain, downtime, or needles. Utilizing patented Synchronized RF+ and HIFES™ technology to stimulate facial muscles, EMFACE emerges as the industry's leading innovative non-invasive procedure.

The EMFACE represents a revolution in double-chin treatments. Until now, all treatments have focused solely on fat reduction. In addition to fat reduction, this is the only device on the market that tightens the muscle and deeper structures non-invasively in a safe and effective manner.  

EMFACE Submentum marks a revolution in double-chin treatments. Unlike previous approaches centered solely on fat reduction, this device uniquely tightens muscles and deeper structures non-invasively, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Experience swift, painless 20-minute sessions – no needles, no downtime.

Office Policies


The refund of the deposit can be done at no later than 24 hours before the appointment time if a cancellation request is made. Every cancellation attracts a $50 fee, which is deducted from the deposit.

Late Arrival

Patients who arrive 10 minutes later than the appointment time will need to reschedule. The deposit will be withheld as a penalty fine.


The patient must have completed the payment as of the appointment time. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and Venmo.